Reflector Exercise

No Reflector

Gold Reflector

Bent White Reflector

White Reflector

Process: For this activity I had my assistant use the gold and white reflectors. Because the gold reflector was so bright in the subject’s eyes, I had her close her eyes while we got the light and camera ready, then had her open them as I took the pictures. It was crazy windy that day so I also had to wait for the wind to die down for a moment so my assistant could make sure the reflector wasn’t moving too much. Overall, it was very fun to play with reflectors for the first time, I can see how they will be very helpful to have for future shoots.


Macro Day!

Coin – Macro

Water Drop on Flower – Macro

Grey Jeans – Macro

Water Drop on Lime – Macro

This was my first time working with macro shots, and I really enjoyed it!  I noticed that it was difficult to take well lit shots with the environment I was working in, so I tried to leverage that into taking interesting shots where the lighting provided gave it a personality rather than feel lacking. I was happily surprised when I was going through my pictures after the shoot and found the shot where the water drop on the lime even further magnified its surface. Doing this shoot has excited me to go and do more macro shots, since they can make even everyday objects look really cool with all their little details.

Depth of Field Activity

Brick Wall Fading, 5/8/2017 2:30 pm Church below the Rexburg Temple, 34mm, f/4.5, 1/640

Open to Visitors, 5/8/2017 2:35 pm Church below the Rexburg Temple, 18mm, f/18, 1/50

Back Again, 5/8/2017 2:10 pm Rexburg Temple Grounds, 25mm, f/4.5, 1/4000

The Little Pines, 5/8/2017 2:18 pm Rexburg Temple Grounds, 29mm, f/5.6, 1/500

Rexburg Temple Side, 5/8/2017 2:40 pm Rexburg Temple Grounds, 18mm, f/18, 1/250

Process: Although I live near the park that I treated as my main site for pictures last time, I wanted to switch things up this time so I headed to the temple grounds here in Rexburg on a sunny day and just walked around looking for things that caught my eye. Figuring out potential pictures and angles that will look good felt easier with shallow depth pictures, but I think part of it is that I had more control. You do not have to walk far for a shallow depth picture, but if I want to take a picture with deep depth, like a mountain, that turns into driving distances. Overall I was happy with some of the shots I was able to get, particularly liking the brick wall and small pine tree pictures.

Motion – Freeze & Blur

Metadata: 1. Motion – Blurred – Cars + Green Jeep, 2. 5/2/2017, 5:30 pm, Porter Park, 3. 18 mm, 4. f/22, 5. 1/50, 6. Nikon D3300

Metadata: 1. Motion – Blurred – Man on yellow scooter, 2. 4/26/2017, 10:55 AM, BYU-I near the Snow building, 3. 45 mm, 4. f/14, 5. 1/60, 6. Nikon D3300

Metadata: 1. Motion – Blurred – Panning with Board, 2. 5/2/2017, 5:15 PM, Porter Park, 3. 18 mm, 4. f/22, 5. 1/40, 6. Nikon D3300

Metadata: 1. Motion – Blurred – Family on Swing, 2. 5/2/2017, 5:20 PM, Porter Park, 3. 55 mm, 4. f/14, 5. 1/40, 6. Nikon D3300

Metadata: 1. Motion – Frozen – Family on Swing, 2. 5/2/2017, 5:21 PM, Porter Park, 3. 55 mm, 4. 5.6, 5. 1/500, 6. Nikon D3300

Metadata: 1. Motion – Frozen – Frisbee Girl, 2. 5/2/2017, 5:37 PM, Porter Park, 3. 55 mm, 4. f/5.6, 5. 1/800, 6. Nikon D3300

Metadata: 1. Motion – Frozen – Frisbee Boy, 2. 5/2/2017, 5:38 PM, Porter Park, 3. 55 mm, 4. f/5.6, 5. 1/800, 6. Nikon D3300

Process: To start, I knew I needed to pick a place where I could get staged and natural shots, so I thought Porter Park in Rexburg on a sunny day would be a good place for both. My wife and I started in one corner of the park, and we just walked around, her skateboarding and me just snapping shots as felt natural. I actually ended up using mostly natural shots rather than the ones I thought of staging since the natural ones turned out better. After the shoot was done, when I was going through the photos on the camera, I realized I liked one of the pictures from the day we went outside to the road as a class, so I added that one in as well. I feel rather brand new to photography so this was an interesting experience, after this set of pictures I am excited to build my skills!


Photobook Layout


Here is a very rough draft of what my photobook might potentially look like. As I looked at past variations of photobooks, I found I preferred dark backgrounds. I also found I liked spreads where one side was a single large picture and other side was a collection of photos. This way one picture sums up the theme and the rest continues the trend. I actually took Comm 125 before this class, so my indesign experience is minimal, but I am looking forward to learning more so I can put together a solid photobook later this semester.

Past Photos and Intro


Hi, my name is Parker Ogden and I am excited to be a part of the Digital Imaging class this semester, taking it as part of my concentration in visual communication. I honestly have minimal experience with photography and editing photos, usually leaving it to my wife or friends who have more experience. As you will see in my past photos, I don’t usually take pictures for fun, but I am hoping to change that this semester.
The picture above is of my wife Emily and I at a relative’s wedding. We met here in Rexburg over 3 years ago and have been married for 2 years now. For personal hobbies I love board sports, especially snowboarding, and I am a huge nerd/gamer.

None of these photos are edited, and most of them had a specific purpose for being taken, like to show someone or for an assignment. I have a personal aversion to pictures and social media, so I am hoping to motivate myself to see the positives of those things so I can be better at visual communication in the modern world.

Photographic Study Project

Process: For this project I chose to focus on a PS4 controller in my living room. I used my phone for the pictures and decided to only have light coming in through the window as my lighting for the shots. I thought that since it is not a fixed object I should get some shots of it being used as it was intended, being held and turned on with the backlight glowing. I tried to design this project as close to the original parameters from memory as possible since the original project rules have been erased by an error on the home site. I also tried playing around with effects on the Logo for added interest.

Font: Logo – Demonized – Decorative

Slide Redesign Project


Process: I chose to redesign slides for the TED talk “Creative Confidence” by David Kelley, as it was one that I wanted to rewatch and really ponder on. I started by watching the talk and taking notes of major points for potential slide topics. I then went back through my notes and finalized on which points were most important. I picked a keyword/potential picture for each point. After that was done I worked on the actual slide design and decided to go for something simple and undistracting. I went with a gradiated blue background as it felt mellow but didn’t steal from the pictures. And I added green bars to hold the titles and pictures. I also decided to round the edges of the pictures since the hard edges felt distracting to me.
Listed in order of appearance:

Magazine Spread Indesign Project

Process: Because of the size of this project, we did some of the busy work, like writing the article and finding images, earlier in the semester. Overall I wanted to keep things simple, like I wanted my color scheme to fit my images, like the yellow of the buildings and the blue of the sky and the suits in my images, while adding purple as a pop of color. I tried to align both images of the BYU-I campus on the opposite sides of the pages for repetition in the corners. For placing the text, I chose to break up the 5 paragraphs between the two pages rather than have one spill over onto the second page. I added the ribbons in the corners to promote the flow of reading from left to right, top to bottom.

Draft Critique: For my draft critique I reached out to Sister Foulk for her advice on what I could improve. She suggested I change the body copy, remove hyphens from the paragraphs, change the purple pastel color to a stronger one and that I remove the outline from the bottom blue half of the page. I went through and did every one of her suggestions, and felt they incredibly improved the whole spread. I especially was appreciative of the suggestion to remove hyphens, since that never occurred to me but made the text look incredibly better!

Fonts: Title – Heaven Matters – Script, Body Copy – Microsoft Tai Le – Sans-Serif

Image Links:

B250 Lessons Learned Week 10

It feels like we have covered a lot of the major beginner things and that we are moving in on helpful details now. Like the fact that having increasing your web pages loading time can help cut your bounce rate. As I thought on the concept, it totally made sense since I have realized I stopped using certain sites over others because they took forever to load or use.

I was glad to help in class today when it came to Display URLs versus Destination URLs.  It seemed really small and simple to me at first, but after some people had trouble with it in class I saw how it could be confusing, so I was glad to be of help. Especially after all the other things I have learned from people and their own experiences in class. This is quite a great setting and pattern to learn about building and running a web business, since we can all benefit from each other’s learning. It was also relieving to hear that starting by learning adwords is a great base as many aspects of it relate to the other versions like SEO and Social.