Tasteful Typography Project


Here is the piece in Word, with all parts selected:



Process: I started by thinking of a title, I picked design thinking because it is something quite relevant to my interest. I went looking on dafont.com for a decorative font that I felt would give proper personality to the term.  I then went looking for an image. I could not easily find a photograph that I wanted or met my needs, but I stumbled on a vector image that I wanted to use. Once those elements were in place I picked a font for the body copy and decided to use thought bubbles as a way to frame my text. I could not find a quote that I felt worked for the body copy, so I typed up my own text.

Critique Report: I critiqued Kayla McEldowney and Matthew Warner. After my critique from Sister Foulk I shifted the background over to give the text a blank background. I also changed the body copy font to a sans-serif instead of my original oldstyle, and made the bubble cloud bigger on the body copy so it would not feel so crowded. I felt better after all the adjustments.

Links to Images: http://www.itsdesignthinking.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/shutterstock_264452201-e1433601244339.jpg

Font Name/Category: Title – Decorative – Mechanical

Body Copy – Sans-Serif – Comfortaa


Lessons Learned Week 1

Hello, I am Parker Ogden and this is my very first “Lessons Learned” blog for Business 250 with Bro. Lundin. We have only had class a few times so far, but I have already run into many insights since this class is not something I usually take. As we reviewed the first case study, some things became readily apparent, if not obvious. When it comes to creating anything, websites or businesses included, bringing your own flair and approaching it in your own style is what can set you apart from your competition. Just as important, knowing your priorities about the project and having a passion for it can definitely help you in the long run. Being willing to adapt to challenges your business faces is a giant definer to whether your business will be around for weeks or years.

For the second case study, I came away with some important questions to ask myself about my business. These include: “What’s my competitive advantage?”, “What’s my niche?”, and “What do I do really well?”. I feel like these questions have been helping my produce and narrow down potential ideas for my own site later this semester. I also learned a few interesting facts, like that static sites do not do as well with google and making it to the front page. It was also interesting to hear that Lowe’s tries harder to cater to women, that was made me want to look harder at different businesses and who they are trying to sell to. Lastly, I learned there were two different wordpresses, a .com and a .org version. Although I’ve had to dabble in wordpress before, I am interested to see what other site builders will be good options for my future site.

I have already learned so much that has fleshed out what little I have picked up about  online businesses before. It is exciting to know I will not only learn more in class, but that I will also learn from experience as we move forward!

Gestalt Activity


For my gestalt activity I used cough drops in wrappers for my shape and made a house with trees. I used the the different colored wrappers for contrast to distinguish different objects. I also aligned the trees with each other on either side of the house. I repeated lining up the lozenges end to end to make shapes. I isolated the trees and the house from each other to define their individual proximity. I spun all the drops on the bottom to simulate the ground/grass, which left me a great blue cutting board sky.