Tasteful Typography Project


Here is the piece in Word, with all parts selected:



Process: I started by thinking of a title, I picked design thinking because it is something quite relevant to my interest. I went looking on dafont.com for a decorative font that I felt would give proper personality to the term.  I then went looking for an image. I could not easily find a photograph that I wanted or met my needs, but I stumbled on a vector image that I wanted to use. Once those elements were in place I picked a font for the body copy and decided to use thought bubbles as a way to frame my text. I could not find a quote that I felt worked for the body copy, so I typed up my own text.

Critique Report: I critiqued Kayla McEldowney and Matthew Warner. After my critique from Sister Foulk I shifted the background over to give the text a blank background. I also changed the body copy font to a sans-serif instead of my original oldstyle, and made the bubble cloud bigger on the body copy so it would not feel so crowded. I felt better after all the adjustments.

Links to Images: http://www.itsdesignthinking.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/shutterstock_264452201-e1433601244339.jpg

Font Name/Category: Title – Decorative – Mechanical

Body Copy – Sans-Serif – Comfortaa


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