5A Event Flier


For some reason this refuses to display as an image, only as a link to an image, which I have to leave because of time constraints


This is a screenshot of the project in word with everything selected.

I chose my message to be a book drive put on by BYU-I for its students to participate in. With the students as my audience I picked the picture of an old book to be my background to work on. I chose a decorative font that only worked with all caps as my title and a simple but classy sans-serif for the body copy. I used brackets as a repeating theme to box off text and stripes in the corners to move the eye from one corner to the other. I added BYU-I logo and a picture of the library at the end to give pop and context to the whole piece.

Title – Strange Tales – Decorative
Body copy – Steelfish Regular – Sans Serif

Links: Book cover background
BYUI Library


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