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In advance of my future magazine spread project, I have written out a personal story and made some rough sketches of potential spread layouts. My story is for the Ensign and is about how I learned to follow the spirit in all activities rather than solely spiritual ones. I wrote about how I was a part of a group project when a team member followed a prompting and greatly assisted the project as a whole, and taught me a lesson in the process. I feel like this fits my audience as a reminder that we can all receive guidance from the spirit when we serve the Lord and his children. Below is my story, sketches, and pictures.

He Will Guide His Work

I recently entered the last class available in a cluster of programs. Every class leading up to this one had gotten better and taught me more, but this last class of all required me to work in one group for the whole semester on a project of our choosing. A couple of days were spent mulling over options until it was decided that instead of working on creating a product we would try to help create something to promote collaboration for the university we were attending, BYU-Idaho.

We immediately set to planning interviews with all the different Deans of the many colleges on campus to get their opinion on collaboration between departments. Many replied back that they were happy to carve out time to meet with us, but that they did not think they would be of any assistance towards what we were working on. My teammates and I pushed onward and met with them anyway. While we started noticing patterns in their answers to the questions we posed them, we had yet to get to the heart of what we thought the real problem was. As we approached our last meeting, we were informed that we would be meeting with the Dean’s secretaries rather than the man himself. My heart sank, how would we learn anything if it was not from the person in charge. However, I kept this feeling to myself and went along with the rest of the group.

As the interview began, we asked similar questions to the original ones we had been asking the other Deans. The secretaries tried their best to answer them, but the responses were far from what we were looking for. Half-way through however, a group member chimed in with a new question we had not thought to ask, including information we had talked about keeping private so as not to negatively influence the interview. I was stunned, why would he share this information when we had explicitly decided against it. After this the secretaries paused, thought a moment, then proceeded to share with us the exact insights we were looking for throughout all our interviews. From then on the low energy in the room was replaced as we excitedly chatted with them about a newly proposed solution to our previous problem.

After the interview, I asked the group member why he had shared that sensitive information when he did. He told me that in the lull between questions, he felt prompted by the spirit to share more with these Sisters, and that he was not going to deny a prompting. He then continued to tell me that up to this point in the project he had been following the spirit on how to proceed. He felt that since our goal was not only to benefit the school but also future generations of students, he was sure that the Lord was guiding our work from the beginning.

I took his words to heart and pondered on all that he had shared with me. As I did so I felt the spirit and realized that the formation of our group, the subject matter of our project, and the people we had met with were all guided by the Lord and that we were acting as agents on his behalf to bring change for His sons and daughters. This outlook changed the way I approached our project and life, knowing that if I followed the spirit, regardless of situation, I could be a tool in the hands of the Lord to bless the lives of others.




interview taylor-building

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