Social Media Infographic Project

Company: Overwatch (the game)
Objective: Increase sales by sharing previous successes.
Strategy: Share statistics and reiterate the advertising campaign language in an infographic form.


Process and Reasoning: My goal was to excite people who might have heard of the game Overwatch with some simple but amazing facts to lead them to join in on the fun. I wanted to communicate the energetic and light-hearted feel of the game with both the graphics and the colors used. I used Easelly to make the infographic, which made me recreate the whole piece 3 times before I got it to actually work and save my work, definitely irritating. I tried to use similar language from previous Overwatch advertisements to keep the same over all feel and approach, like it was part of the original campaign. I purposefully left it super simple, not referencing which platforms it could be played on because I wanted the focus to be on the game, leaving them to look up more on it afterwards when they are interested.

Critique: No outside critiquing occurred, but because I had to redo the whole project 3 times, I did add a few things each time, like repeating the line separating content between the middle and bottom sections.

Typography: CA BND Web – Sans Serif

Image Sources:
Left Splash:×898.png
Right Splash:



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