11A Web Page Layout Project

Process: I Started by thinking of what I wanted the site to be about, and I loosely based it off of a the idea for a site I had to create for another class. I decided that I wanted this to be a simple home page that would lead to different archives of post on a blog about game reviews, etc. I knew I wanted to incorporate a game controller somewhere on the page, and it went well to use the D-pad (directional pad) as the main focus with the main buttons. As I went searching for fonts for the logo I thought I wanted a more retro gaming feel for my audience, older individuals who still play. So I thought the 8-bit style logo I found worked well for what I wanted, as it appeals to old habits and emotions. I thought the logo would look good in a bright green, so I picked blue and yellow to go with it after testing them out on paletton.com. I used switched what I used yellow and green for on either side of the page to keep things interesting, while keeping the white font over the blue backgrounds. Overall I was going for a simple layout that could serve as a landing page to quickly take you to the content one might desire.

Color Scheme: Triad (blue,green,yellow)

Fonts: Logo – Karmatic Arcade (decorative), Body – Continuum medium (sans-serif)

Links to Images:




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