B250 Lessons Learned Week 10

It feels like we have covered a lot of the major beginner things and that we are moving in on helpful details now. Like the fact that having increasing your web pages loading time can help cut your bounce rate. As I thought on the concept, it totally made sense since I have realized I stopped using certain sites over others because they took forever to load or use.

I was glad to help in class today when it came to Display URLs versus Destination URLs.  It seemed really small and simple to me at first, but after some people had trouble with it in class I saw how it could be confusing, so I was glad to be of help. Especially after all the other things I have learned from people and their own experiences in class. This is quite a great setting and pattern to learn about building and running a web business, since we can all benefit from each other’s learning. It was also relieving to hear that starting by learning adwords is a great base as many aspects of it relate to the other versions like SEO and Social.


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