B250 Lessons Learned Week 9

Although it wasn’t the topic of the day, I was very happy we took a moment to talk about networking and some more advanced tactics we could use to accomplish it. I have noticed that I have far more success using current connections to get jobs, but none of my current contacts are connected to what I might eventually end up doing, so this conversation was another motivator for me to start working on a network now to prepare for the future to make things easier on myself. Plus it was helpful to hear that I should not be afraid to list things I am interested in to show that I can be a good fit for a workplace.

Although my current project is using an advertisement model, it was good to learn about ROI and how it is definitely something you can plan for to an extent. It was cool to see the excel sheet that showed how if you can increase your CTR you can increase overall ROI. Plus, learning about some of the tricky ways you can track conversions was enlightening for future projects.


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