Past Photos and Intro


Hi, my name is Parker Ogden and I am excited to be a part of the Digital Imaging class this semester, taking it as part of my concentration in visual communication. I honestly have minimal experience with photography and editing photos, usually leaving it to my wife or friends who have more experience. As you will see in my past photos, I don’t usually take pictures for fun, but I am hoping to change that this semester.
The picture above is of my wife Emily and I at a relative’s wedding. We met here in Rexburg over 3 years ago and have been married for 2 years now. For personal hobbies I love board sports, especially snowboarding, and I am a huge nerd/gamer.

None of these photos are edited, and most of them had a specific purpose for being taken, like to show someone or for an assignment. I have a personal aversion to pictures and social media, so I am hoping to motivate myself to see the positives of those things so I can be better at visual communication in the modern world.


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