Macro Day!

Coin – Macro

Water Drop on Flower – Macro

Grey Jeans – Macro

Water Drop on Lime – Macro

This was my first time working with macro shots, and I really enjoyed it!  I noticed that it was difficult to take well lit shots with the environment I was working in, so I tried to leverage that into taking interesting shots where the lighting provided gave it a personality rather than feel lacking. I was happily surprised when I was going through my pictures after the shoot and found the shot where the water drop on the lime even further magnified its surface. Doing this shoot has excited me to go and do more macro shots, since they can make even everyday objects look really cool with all their little details.


One thought on “Macro Day!

  1. The grey jeans are so cool! I love the depth of field to your picture. It’s really cool and the difference between the focus and blur are very clear. I love it.


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